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We are always in need of volunteers to help in the kitchen, assist with projects or plan/help with activities.  Our Aerie President, Anita Pahan, is putting together a few committees to help increase the productivity of our club.  We are always looking for help with cleaning the club on Wednesdays, working on grounds (cleanup, gardening,etc), cooking for our members (we will help) or providing monitoring of Hall Rental events.  If you have some time to spare, please consider volunteering at the club.  If you are interested in one or more of the committees, please put your name and contact information on the sign up sheet that is kept behind the lounge.  If you prefer to email your availability, please email: secretary@foe3586.com.  Thank you!

Hall Rental Committee: 2-3 people

  • responsible for hall rental contracts
  • take appointments and show halls, review pricing
  • assign staff to supervise rentals during the events
  • assign crew to set up hall as needed (table/chairs, etc)
  • assign crew to clean up hall after event

Kitchen Committee: 2-4 people

  • organize dry foods and refrigerated foods (keep things rotated and fresh)
  • launder towels weekly
  • cook at times to backup bartender during events or hall rentals

Landscaping/Yard Maintenance Committee: 2-4 people

  • mowing club grounds
  • weed wacking around the club grounds
  • apply weed n feed
  • weed flower beds
  • maintain the plants and pots in the lounge garden and patio

RV Park Committee: 2-4 people

  • responsible to take RV reservations
  • advertise in FOE newsletter and other club newsletters
  • maintenance of RV grounds
  • enforce RV rules

Inventory Committee: 2 people

  • keep liquor and food inventory organized
  • count all inventory monthly

Decorating Committee: 2-4 people

  • responsible for decorating the Lounge/Hall for various holidays, birthdays or dances
  • organize decoration closet and keep it tidy
  • group will put up decorations and take down after event and put away decorations

Reader Board Committee: 2 people

  • change reader board message as needed

Dance Committee: 2-4 people

  • organize monthly/bi-monthly dances
  • advertise dance events
  • assign decorating crew
  • assign take down crew
  • sell tickets
  • assign cooking staff or catering company

Cleaning Committee: 4-6 people

  • meet weekly or twice a month to clean and organize areas of the club(
    Lounge, Big Hall, Small Hall and storage closets)